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Deploying a Native Syncplay Server on Ubuntu in 10 Minutes
Syncplay is a tool that synchronizes the progress of media players, which means you no longer need to shout "3...2...1..." with your friends and family every time you pause a movie. The client is installed on your local computer, while the server needs to be installed on a device with a public IP address, usually a Linux system server. The usage process of the client can be seen in a previous article. In fact, from a functional point of view, there is little need for self-deployment. As a benevolent dictator, I will maintain it as long as it is needed: Server address: Server password: vfly2 The process of deploying the Syncplay server is not complicated. The official public servers are located in France, and the delay is high, and sometimes they cannot be connected, so friends who are interested in self-deployment can give it a try. This tutorial has been tested on Ubuntu20.04LTS. Using the Syncplay Client, our articles on this site may be helpful to you as well: Three Ways to Watch Movies…