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Three Ways to Watch Movies Remotely in Sync
Business services are not included in the scope of consideration of this article due to insurmountable difficulties, such as source authorization. The three methods presented in this article include: Desktop Sharing, Syncplay, and Jellyfin. Specifically: The most effective and cost-efficient, but slightly difficult method is Syncplay The easiest method is Desktop Sharing The most convenient method is Jellyfin Overall, I highly recommend using Syncplay for progress sharing. Below are introductions to each method in order from easiest to most difficult. Desktop Sharing Desktop sharing is a feature of remote control software. The first one I knew was QQ, but I never used it. Later, the first one I actually used was TeamViewer. It works well for remote control between friends, but cannot meet the requirements for watching movies (there's bandwidth limitation with server relay solutions). In addition, there is a limitation that only two people can watch at the same time. Tencent Meeting can overcome the problem of limited concurrent viewing, but it loses progress control. I recommend using Parsec: This is software specifically…